Sunday, February 3, 2008

brain stourmin'

i have ideas.

car covered in jungle, little ghost, hanging out in a car at the night time, use. did any of that make sense, the are sitting in the car, having cigarettes, ad drinking coffee or water, or maye out of a coconut. thast kinda cheesy but what ever it doesnt really matter.

so mkae it so you can se the car and the bushes and a little bit of the black light. and stars. and all that shit. do you get it? i dont yet either.

more idea's

dead conquistador ghost.
yeah waht a good idea, i know.
i made it, i kinda like it. ok so he's dead and he' gots his muctache' a gentelmen aslays haws his mustache. how wonderful.
adn there are intracies in the helmet, and its loks nice. and there is only 2 colors like black and pink ors oemthing. you know.? man im watching this crazy movie.


can there be anything done with.... the red tide and all tha san victores thing?
but yeah we were saying that this coudl be to genative. i want to try and put some real positive idea's out. you know?

one of them was hte posibility of doing an image about the navy sailors and the camorro women on a ship, and all the boyfriends were jealous and all that shit.
but it can be really romantic. an maye thats the message i can have that positive, something about romance.
fuck shit up man.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


things we 've done